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#MassHealth Matters, Part 1: The Must See Video, and Infographic

#MassHealth Matters, Part 1: The Must See Video, and Infographic

December 9, 2014

Today the Massachusetts Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation and its Mass Medicaid Policy Institute held a packed forum titled, MassHealth Matters: Priorities for the New Administration.

The focus of the event was the release of a report identifying five priority issues for improving MassHealth in the coming administration, followed by a panel discussion on the issues raised. We'll have a summary of the report up later, but we wanted to first highlight this amazing video below, and an infographic that illustrates the crucial role played by MassHealth.

Please watch this video (click here to watch), and meet some Bay Staters whose health depends on MassHealth. The video conveys more in 5 minutes than any policy paper. So please, watch this:

MassHealth Matters video

We helped the Foundation find one of the individuals featured in the video, and are pleased that we could assist with this.


MassHealth serves 1.7 million peopleThe full MassHealth infographic is also worth downloading and absorbing. The headline is, "MassHealth is important to the people of Massachusetts because it affects so many of us and has a large impact on our economy." The facts and figures are all there about the role MassHealth plays in the state economy, bringing in over 80% of the federal revenue received, and MassHealth's role in filling gaps in Medicare for 270,000 elders and people with disabilities. There's also a great panel showing the broad reach of MassHealth:

Click through for the whole thing.

And go watch the MassHealth video.

   - Brian Rosman