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Medicaid Matters: A Great, New Resource

Medicaid Matters: A Great, New Resource

April 19, 2005

Our sister organization, Community Catalyst, has collaborated with other organizations to create a great new and free website of information, analysis, and materials to help in the fight to protect Medicaid from cuts by Congress. The site is called "Medicaid Matters," and it's full of useful resources usable anywhere in the nation. Other sponsors include FamiliesUSA, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Neighborhood Health Plan, and others.

The fight to protect Medicaid in the Congressional budget process is happening right now. See our April 14 entry for recent details. Because of the letter signed by 43 House Republicans and sent last week to House budget leaders, there are now clear majorities in the Senate and House on record against the $15 billion in cuts aimed at Medicaid. This fight is far from over. "Medicaid Matters" is your best toolkit to get involved.