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Medical Identit-e-Crisis

Medical Identit-e-Crisis

December 8, 2008

If the idea of medical ID theft is keeping you up at night, I recommend Parade magazine's article on this topic by Jennifer Nelson, which appeared Sunday, December 7. The bad news is that the unforeseen consequences of such an event can "jeopardize not only your credit but also your health." The good news is that there are steps that an individual can take to resolve this pernicious problem. Health Privacy Expert Joy Pritts of Georgetown's Health Policy Institute, who has been instrumental in keeping privacy in the forefront of the national e-health conversation and has been enormously helpful to Health Care For All's (and many others') e-health efforts, offers some important information on the issue, and the article gives excellent, practical advice to victims of such theft. Read it and sleep -- but lightly.

Lisa Fenichel
E-Health Consumer Advocate