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National Health Reform: Lots Going On - Get Informed, Call DC

National Health Reform: Lots Going On - Get Informed, Call DC

July 7, 2009

We normally don't write so much about national health reform, except when there's a Massachusetts angle. There are lots of great blogs covering the issue (our favorites: The New Republic's The Treatment; Washington Post's Ezra Klein; Change.org's healthcare blog; and New America's New Health Dialogue, and CAP's Think Progress Wonk Room; list your additions in the comments).

But today we have three relevant points to report:

1. We work closely with our national partner, Community Catalyst, on national issues. Catalyst is deeply involved in national reform, working with advocates in dozens of states, analyzing proposals, and pushing for reform that guarantees comprehensive benefits; includes affordable premiums and cost sharing; strengthens Medicaid and Medicare programs; reduces racial and ethnic disparities and improves the quality of care, especially for people with chronic illness. Their national health reform information is here. They also put out a very informative "Health Reform Insider" newsletter, full of concise analysis and updates. The latest, issued today, is here.

2. A group of national organizations, including Familes USA, SEIU, American Cancer Society, AARP, and Consumer’s Union, are co-sponsoring a national call-in day to Congress, July 7 and 8. Call 1-866-210-3678 toll-free to be connected to your member of Congress. More information and talking points are here.

3. Senator Richard Moore has been named by the Senate to chair a special Senate committee to look into how national health reform will impact Massachusetts, and what national policymakers can learn from Massachusetts health reform. His committee will have a public hearing at 10:30 am in the State House room A-2 tomorrow, July 8. A broad group of health reform stakeholders will testify, as well as Senate President Murray and other key officials. The hearing should provide useful information on the intersection of Massachusetts and national health reform.
- Brian Rosman