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National Healthcare Decisions Day

National Healthcare Decisions Day

April 16, 2014

Today is National Healthcare Decisions Day, a day to encourage education and discussions about end-of-life care, health care proxies, living wills, and more. Learn more on the NHDD website . Many Massachusetts organizations are in this space, working to educate consumers about palliative care, hospice, proxies, and more. For good background on this issue, read the 2010 report of the state’s end-of-life commission. Efforts are being made to update the report and determine next steps that the state could take to advance knowledge among consumers and among health care providers about these important aspects of health care.

This topic is one of many that will be discussed during our upcoming second annual Patient and Family Advisory Councils Conference.  This conference brings together members of PFACs from across Massachusetts to share accomplishments and challenges and learn from one another. Learn more and register here.  


Deb Wachenheim