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Nominate a Compassionate Caregiver

Nominate a Compassionate Caregiver

March 28, 2013

Anyone who has spent time in a hospital knows how much of a difference compassion and support from caregivers can make. Ken Schwartz, a Boston healthcare attorney who died at 40 after a struggle with lung cancer, believed in the central importance of compassionate caregivers, identifying their care as what made “the unbearable bearable.” Schwartz founded the Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare in 1995 to ensure that such care remained a critical part of the healthcare system.

Since 1999, the Center has awarded the Schwartz Center Compassionate Caregiver Award, giving recognition to the exceptional efforts of New England caregivers. Nominations have opened, and are open to any patient or family member, as well as any health care professional who works with the caregiver. The award’s recipient is awarded with $5,000 dollars, and four other finalists will receive a $1,000 award. All will be honored at the Kenneth B. Schwartz Compassionate Healthcare Dinner on Thursday, November 21st.

If the compassion of a physician, nurse, therapist, social worker, psychiatrist, or any other health care professional has made a difference for you, consider nominating them for the award. More information is available on the Center’s website, located at www.theschwartzcenter.org. Nominations are due by Friday, May 3rd.
-Deb Wachenheim