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Our new look.

Our new look.

February 24, 2014

It isn’t often that an organization as busy as Health Care For All has the opportunity to take a deep breath, look at the challenges ahead, appreciate our staff and volunteers and strategize about the most effective way to interact, invite, engage and move toward our mission in cyberspace.  Fortunately, we have carved out the time and today you are invited to see the results. hcfama.org has been redesigned to be a more inviting and accessible tool for all.  It isn’t perfect yet, but our expectations are high that this update of our website will allow us to accelerate our successes.

I find myself wanting to shout “The new phonebook is HERE! The new Phone Book is HERE!!” but the 1979 Steve Martin reference is not quite universal in the halls of 30 Winter Street, to say nothing of the antiquated notion of an alphabetical list of phone numbers in hard copy.  What is unanimous however is Health Care For All’s need for and creative use of technology to do the work we were founded nearly 30 years ago to do – to create a more consumer centered health care system that is accessible, affordable, and delivers patient centered and culturally competent comprehensive care for everyone. 

The tools at our disposal to do our jobs may have changed, but the basic value placed on each person’s story and experience has not changed at all.  Welcome to the new hcfama.org.  Please come and explore and let us know what you think.  Our expectation is that conveying updates and information will be much easier, and engaging constituents and educating consumers will have fewer barriers as we work hard to improve our health care delivery system!

-Amy Whitcomb Slemmer