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Parent’s Insurance Doesn’t Guarantee Child Coverage

Parent’s Insurance Doesn’t Guarantee Child Coverage

October 22, 2008

We have heard over and over about the 9 million American children who are uninsured. However, a new report reveals sheds important light on who are these uninsured kids. Click here for a Washington Post article on the study.

According to a study by Dr. Jennifer DeVoe, more than 3.3 million uninsured young people live in households with parents who have health coverage. Despite having their own health insurance, millions of parents across the country are unable to afford “stable, continuous health-care coverage” for their children.

The need for health coverage for children is not limited to the poor – increasingly, those families earning significantly more than the federal poverty level (FPL) need help as well. Although some policy makers have moved over the past year to try and limit SCHIP coverage to families at no more than 200% of FPL, University of Rochester researchers found many uninsured kids from families in the 200-400% income range.

Although Massachusetts continues to lead the way in health coverage in general and for children in particular, the United States as a whole continues to face serious challenges in providing access to health care for kids.

Matt Noyes
Children's Health Coordinator