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Quality and Cost Council to Meet

Quality and Cost Council to Meet

August 14, 2006

One of the health reform sideshows -- which may be center act in the next legislative session -- was the creation of a Quality and Cost Council to identify health system changes with the potential to lower costs and improve quality, and to develop a consumer quality and cost website. Word arrives today the first meeting of the Q&C Council has been set been set for August 23 from 1-3pm -- location not clear (we'll let you know) at 1 Ashburton Place, 21st floor.

These are the members, according to today's Health Reform Update filed by the Romney Administration:

- Timothy Murphy, Secretary of EOHHS (Chair)
- Joseph DeNucci, Auditor
- Gregory Sullivan, Inspector General
- Thomas Reilly, Attorney General
- Julie Bowler, Commissioner of DOI
- Dolores Mitchell, Executive Director of the Group Insurance Commission
- Dr. Ken LaBresh, Health Care Quality Improvement Organization Representative (MassPro), (appointed by the Governor)
- James Conway, Institute for Health Care Improvement, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, (appointed by the Governor)
- Christopher Delorey, President, Telamon Insurance and Financial Network, Mass Association of Health Underwriters, (appointed by the Governor)
- Robert Seifert, Mass Medicaid Policy Institute, (appointed by the Governor)
- Dr. Thomas Lee, Partners, Expert in Health Policy, (appointed by the Governor)
- Charles Baker, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Non-Governmental purchaser of insurance, (appointed by the Governor)
- National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, Governor’s Office awaiting information from this group in order to make appointment

There also a statutory advisory committee included in chapter 58. No word on that chestnut yet.