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This is Radio Somewhere

This is Radio Somewhere

January 30, 2009

Update: Listen here.

Today, WBUR's Radio Boston asks, "Can Mass Healthcare Be Used as a National Model?" The show airs at 1:00 pm today, and repeats at 1:00 pm tomorrow, Saturday. You can also listen online after the show airs.

Host David Boeri spent a good amount of time listening in at HCFA's Helpline, as we helped people get enrolled into coverage. His work on the story is making a difference for Jessica Alpert, an assistant producer of the show, who blogged about her experience.

Ms. Alpert works part-time, and is not offered coverage by BUR. When she moved to Massachusetts, she dreaded applying for good coverage, because she had a number of serious health issues. So she didn't inform the out-of-state insurer on her application for catastrophic-only coverage, fearing she'd be rejected if she told all the details.

What she didn't know is that Massachusetts prohibits insurers from asking about health status, and that low-income people like her are eligible for help in paying for quality comprehensive coverage. Through working on the story, she got connected to the Helpline, which filled out an application for her. She's promised to update her blog with the results.

The show this afternoon takes phone calls - let them here your story.
Brian Rosman