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Real Voices: Your Weekly Dose from the HCFA Helpline

Real Voices: Your Weekly Dose from the HCFA Helpline

January 25, 2009

Every week we highlight the voices of real people that contact our Helpline every day. Once a week you will be introduced to a family whose life has changed for the better due to health reform. If you or anyone you know needs assistance applying for free or low-cost health care coverage, please contact our Helpline online, or call 1-800-272-4232. Here’s this week’s story:

Ann had just learned about her family’s eligibility for MassHealth and Commonwealth Care when she first brought her 12-year-old-daughter to the pediatrician for a regular visit. She says that it was just essential for her daughter to get the best care because the doctor had just diagnosed her with scoliosis, a serious spine issue that if not taken care of in time can cause respiratory and heart problems.

Her MassHealth coverage allowed her to be seen by a specialist who started her treatment, which was to wear back braces for 20 hours per day. Ann says that her daughter has now been using the braces for a period of two years, and she has visited the specialist for regular check-ups very often. She’ll have to use the brace until she stops growing, which the specialist thinks might happen in about 1 year, when she turns sixteen years old.

Ann watches her daughter’s treatment closely and she feels terrified when thinking about the possibility of seeing her with any kind of health complication. She says that she can’t jut thank the Helpline and MassHealth enough for all the great treatment they have brought to their life. These are her own words:

“The Helpline has been always wonderful to us. I feel that I can’t be grateful enough for all the good they bring to ours lives. I’m always in touch with them whether I need help with a review form, questions about health reform, health resources, or even for advice. I’m so happy for the possibility offered to my daughter to take care of her health, in addition to the Commonwealth Care for all kinds of routines exams I need to go through. So, thank you to all of you that make this state a better place to live.”

Monika Lira Malhoit