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Rep. Pat Walrath Not Running for Re-Election

Rep. Pat Walrath Not Running for Re-Election

January 17, 2008

Rep. Pat Walrath announced this week she will not be seeking re-election to the House this November. She is the House Chair of the Joint Committee on Healthcare Financing, and entered the House in 1985. If you are looking for someone who breaks the public stereotype of a State House pol, she may be the best example there is. She still carries a Minnesota accent, and a mathematician's approach to problem solving.

In 2005, much to Pat's surprise, she got named Health Financing Chair having had little or no exposure to the topic in her prior 20 years of House service. In her typical fashion, she dived headfirst into the murky waters and quickly became a respected master of the subject who played the key role helping new House Speaker Sal DiMasi figure out his role in the rapidly unfolding health reform debate.

Pat's savvy, responsible, careful, thorough, and fair. She's earned respect from all who deal with her. She will be missed, and we wish her the very best.
John McDonough