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RI Gov. Candidates Pushes MA Approach to Health Reform

RI Gov. Candidates Pushes MA Approach to Health Reform

October 11, 2006

RI Lieutenant Governor Charlie Fogarty is the Dem Candidate for Governor in Rhode Island (click here for his site), running against incumbent Don Carcieri, the Republican. Carcieri has been ahead through most of the year, though recent polls have them running neck and neck.

Fogarty recently released a health reform agenda. Click here for his health plan. His plan is to cover all kids first, then do employer fair share assessments on all employers with more than ten workers, create a subsidized plan with sliding-scale premiums for low-income residents, and an individual mandate if coverage does not increase enough. His TV ad is heavy on the individual mandate, and doesn't mention the employer requirement, but it's in the plan. See for yourself.

Holy Massachusetts!

The long legs of the Chapter 58 keep moving.