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RWJF to Invest $12M in State Consumer Health Advocacy

RWJF to Invest $12M in State Consumer Health Advocacy

June 15, 2007

HCFA's national partner, Community Catalyst, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation have just announced the launch of a $12 million effort to strengthen state consumer health advocacy networks in a select number of key states across the U.S. The national program, Consumer Voices for Coverage, will assist in building a single, integrated health care advocacy network in selected states. The call for proposals was released today. Community Catlyst will serve as the National Program Office for the new initiative.

The new program seeks to strengthen state consumer health advocacy networks through an infusion of new resources, policy support and technical assistance. The Consumer Voices for Coverage program will use a competitive application process and will award grants of up to $750,000 over a three-year period. These new funds will help build effective health care consumer advocacy and infrastructure as critical forces in the health care reform policymaking process.

Click here to learn more about the Call for Proposal process, please read RWJ's message below or visit.

HCFA will not be one of the organization's seeking this funding. It's fair to say we are one of the key consumer advocacy models RWJF studied in developing this exciting new initiative. It's great to see major national funders decide to invest meaningful support in consumer advocacy. It's also another positive spinoff benefit from the MA health reform effort.