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Save the Date! June 4th and 5th – Better Oral Health for MA

Save the Date! June 4th and 5th – Better Oral Health for MA

May 7, 2008

On June 4 & 5, oral health providers, advocates, and community leaders will convene at the Sturbridge Host Hotel for an important dialogue about oral health in Massachusetts.

Oral health is a critical part of overall health; you can’t have a healthy body without a health mouth. Dental decay is the most common chronic childhood disease, and is linked to a higher risk for heart disease and diabetes later in life. Dental disease contributes to more than 51 million missed school hours and 104 million missed work hours every year. Fortunately, dental disease is almost entirely preventable when communities make better oral health a priority. We have the solutions, now we need action.

Join us in Sturbridge for the first of a series of sessions over the coming months as the MA oral health care community takes up the Surgeon General’s Healthy People Call to Action. Together we will define plans and specify activities and programs to promote oral health, prevent disease, and reduce disparities in Massachusetts’ oral health care needs.

This summit is free of charge, and registration and the agenda are available online at http://www.massoralhealth.org. Join us and make a difference for the future of the oral health and overall health of Massachusetts.