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Second Weekly Enrollment Dashboard Shows Almost 83,000 Signing Up For Coverage

Second Weekly Enrollment Dashboard Shows Almost 83,000 Signing Up For Coverage

December 1, 2014

Weekly enrollment dashboard 12-1-14 - exceprt

Today the Health Connector and MassHealth released their second weekly enrollment dashboard, showing enrollment and eligibility numbers for the last week of November. An excerpt is copied above.  All of the daily and weekly dashboards are posted by the Connector each weekday afternoon, here.

The numbers show continued growth in people being found eligible for coverage. In the first week, almost 52,000 people were found eligible. For the second week, including Thanksgiving, another 30,800 people were found eligible. The total is now a bit below 83,000.

(By the way, outside observers are noticing that the Connector is releasing piles of detailed information on how open enrollment is going - more than any other state. Charles Gaba, the guru of Obamacare statistics, used our daily numbers to see the effect of Thanksgiving on enrollment, and commented on Friday that "Massachusetts continues to kick butt this time around in general, but I particularly like that they're providing a daily breakout of their enrollment data.")

The complex chart above shows both where the 82,767 people found eligible for coverage so far are coming from, and where they are going to. The colors (blue-pink-white-green) correspond to the program the people are currently in. The guide is on the right side. The bars on the left represent the program the people will be going to next year. The chart above just shows eligibility. The full dashboard also shows enrollment numbers, which requires picking a plan and then paying a premium. The enrollment numbers are substantially less, around 40,00, since the deadline for paying is still several weeks away.

The report also updates statistics on the outreach campaign. HCFA's door-to-door canvassing campaign has now reached 55,918 homes - a remarkable achievement. We continue to hear from many consumer grateful for the information about how to enroll and what they need to do to keep their coverage.

    - Brian Rosman