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Senator Moore Gives Pharma a Piece of His Mind

Senator Moore Gives Pharma a Piece of His Mind

May 22, 2008

From State House News Service:

Sen. Richard Moore, co-chair of the Health Care Financing Committee, defended a Senate ban on gifts from pharmaceutical companies to health care industry workers, which pharma executives have blasted as anti-business. “That’s a foolish position to take, since we’re planning to invest $1 billion in the industry,” Moore told reporters. “I think that makes us very friendly to the life sciences, and a number of the acts that we’ve taken over the last couple of years, making stem cell research possible in this state, legal in this state. It seems to me we have done quite a bit to support the industry. If their products require that they have to give very generous gifts in order just to sell them, then they’re must be an issue … a deficiency with the product.” Moore criticized GlaxoSmithKline, where a top executive threatened Gov. Deval Patrick, Senate President Therese Murray, and House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi earlier this month with downsizing the firm’s investments here. “They’re a company that has been found guilty by the federal government for fraud,” Moore said, smiling slightly.