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Senators Markey and Warren Defend the ACA, Cite Massachusetts Experience

Senators Markey and Warren Defend the ACA, Cite Massachusetts Experience

January 9, 2017

Both Massachusetts U.S. Senators Warren and Markey took to the Senate floor on Monday night, as the Senate began debate on a budget resolution designed to set the stage for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

Both cited in detail the success of Massachusetts' 2006 health reform law in setting the blueprint for the ACA, and how our efforts have led to the lowest uninsurance rate in the country. Senator Markey also focused on the role health coverage, particularly Medicaid coverage, plays in helping people with opioid addiction, and the support under the law for community health centers. He also spoke later in the debate about the value of the Prevention Trust Fund, established by the ACA.

Senator Warren spoke passionatey about how support for affordable coverage in Massachusetts brought together Democrats, Republicans, business leaders, hospitals, insurers, doctors, consumers and advocates to find a solution. She decried how the first item on the agenda of the new Congress is the repeal of health reform:

The first thing, rip health insurance out of the hands of millions of Americans who need it. The first thing, massively raise the cost of health insurance for everyone who has it. The first thing, create chaos for hospitals, clinics and insurance companies and send their costs spiraling out of control. The first thing, abandon the people they were elected to represent. The first thing, repeal and run away.

She concluded that, "Repeal and run is for cowards!" 

Watch them both here: