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Sick Around the World -- Must-See

Sick Around the World -- Must-See

April 20, 2008

Have you seen this past week's Frontline documentary, "Sick Around the World: Can the US Learn Anything From the Rest of the World About How to Run a Health Care System"? If you haven't, consider yourself urged to go the the PBS website and view it online -- click here. Fantastic capsule looks at the health care systems in Britain, Japan, Germany, Taiwan, and Switzerland.

It's a challenge to many folks on both the right and left in the US. To folks on the right -- why is it that other diverse nations can cover everyone for far less cost, use more services, and maintain higher levels of citizen and patient satisfaction? To folks on the left -- isn't it clear there are more ways than just Canada's and Great Britain's systems to skin this cat? Yes, both have lots to like, and yes, there are lots of other ways that might actually be more politically doable in the United States.

That's our take. Watch it and tell us yours.