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Speculative Rumor and Crazy Talk::Deval and Mitt

Speculative Rumor and Crazy Talk::Deval and Mitt

February 5, 2009

This is very weird.

I get the boomlet about Deval Patrick being considered for the Secretary of Health and Human Services slot, to replace Tom Daschle. According to the Washington Post, he's on the short list along with Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, former Missouri Rep. Dick Gephardt and John Podesta, the transition head who was chief of staff for Bill Clinton. Patrick absolutely denies all interest in going to Washington.

But Mitt Romney? The Atlantic's fairly reliable blogger, Marc Ambinder, and Time Magazine's Karen Tumulty both think Mitt might be Obama's man for the job.

We don't underestimate Governor Romney's critical role in advancing health reform in Massachusetts. He deserves a major share of the credit for both the conception of the plan and the politics that led to its passage. But we don't see him coming anywhere close to being on the President's wavelength on health care, never mind abortion and the many other issues under the HHS Secretary's purview.

As with most things Mitt, we're going to have to label this post under the "humor" category.
Brian Rosman

UPDATE: Pretty much the same post, with more content, from David at BMG.