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SQAC Looks at Quality Measures

SQAC Looks at Quality Measures

June 17, 2014

SQAC Meeting Title SlideThe Statewide Quality Advisory Committee (SQAC) met on Monday.

The meeting included a presentation by a Department of Public Health working group looking at quality measures relating to palliative care and end-of-life care. This was followed by a discussion of the measures that were submitted to the SQAC for its annual process of considering measures to add to the Standardized Quality Measure Set (SQMS).

The committee agreed with the recommendations of the SQAC staff to move 35 measures along for further evaluation, including the 5 measures nominated by HCFA. The 35 measures fall into the categories of End-of-Life Care, Patient-Centered Care, Pediatric Care, Behavioral Health, Patient Safety, Leapfrog measures, and 3 CMS Hospital Measures.

HCFA's 5 nominated measures fall under End-of-Life Care (Consumer Assessment and Reports of End of Life, Family Evaluation of Hospice Care, Family Evaluation of Palliative Care) and Patient-Centered Care (Use and Quality of Shared Decision Making, Active Patient Engagement). The Lewin Group will evaluate the 35 measures and present their results and recommendations to the SQAC at the next meeting, which is September 22, 9-11am, at CHIA.

The meeting closed with a discussion about what area of specialty care to pick for further research into measures specific to that speciality. OB care was chosen as the initial specialty area of focus. Materials from Monday's meeting are posted on the SQAC website