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SQAC Prioritizes Patient-Centered Care and Behavioral Health

SQAC Prioritizes Patient-Centered Care and Behavioral Health

April 25, 2013

The Statewide Quality Advisory Committee met Monday and discussed priorities for the coming year as they prepare to solicit nominations for measures to be considered for the Statewide Quality Measure Set and as they consider experts they would like to bring in to meet with the group.  The SQAC members came to consensus on the need to prioritize patient-centered care and to have a particular focus on behavioral health and coordination of care. The group agreed that behavioral health is an area where there is the potential for the greatest improvement in quality of care and patient-centeredness of care. As part of the larger area of patient-centeredness, the group also talked about looking at measures relating to shared decision-making, patient confidence, and patient-reported outcomes.

We at HCFA are excited that this will be a focus of the group and we look forward to continuing to actively participate in conversations about quality measures and quality improvement activities.
-Deb Wachenheim