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State House Program Thursday: Academic Detailing - Helping Combat The Opioid Epidemic

State House Program Thursday: Academic Detailing - Helping Combat The Opioid Epidemic

April 15, 2015

Please join Representative Jennifer Benson and the Alosa Foundation this Thursday, April 16th from 11:30 to 12:30 in Statehouse Room 437 for a legislative briefing on Academic Detailing: Helping Combat the Opioid Epidemic.

Health care providers today are constantly bombarded with an overwhelming amount of new clinical research on different prescription drugs and treatments, making it difficult to stay current about which are most effective. At the same time, the pharmaceutical industry spends billions on marketing directly to doctors to promote their products. This disproportionate influence results in worse outcomes for Massachusetts patients and residents, as providers are likely to over-prescribe or needlessly prescribe more expensive, less effective drugs.

"Academic Detailing" remedies this issue by offering providers evidence-based educational information about the therapeutic benefits and cost-effectiveness of various drugs. This allows doctors to make decisions based on balanced research data rather than biased promotional information, ultimately leading to better and more informed care decisions. It is an especially important tool in combatting the over-prescribing of prescription opioids.

Unfortunately, both Governor Baker and the House Ways and Means Committee have chosen to forgo funding for this critical program. We hope that you’ll join us on Thursday to learn why funding for this program must continue and show support for a new budget amendment that will be introduced by Representative Benson.

       -  Kate Frisher