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Take Action Today for a Strong Prevention Trust

Take Action Today for a Strong Prevention Trust

June 19, 2012

HCFA and its Campaign for Better Care have been working with the Mass. Public Health Association to advocate for the creation of a Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund. This trust would offer funding for evidence based community programs that focus on prevention and wellness. We believe this is an investment that will increase overall health in the Commonwealth but additionally if invested fully will be an actual cost saver to the overall health system.

 Both the Senate and House have passed legislation that would make Massachusetts the first state in the nation with a Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund dedicated to community-based public health programs.  But real success hinges on funding.

Both branches have already passed legislation to create the Trust and dedicate significant funding to it.  But the funding levels vary widely: $20 million in the House bill and $100 million in the Senate bill.  The difference in funding - $80 million - is now at stake as a six-member Conference Committee hammers out a final bill.

Take Action Today: Please call your state Representative and Senator and ask them to sign onto a letter by Representative Jason Lewis and Senator Harriette Chandler that urges the Conference Committee to dedicate a minimum of $100 million over 5 years to the Prevention and Wellness Trust.

• Read the sign on letter here and tips for calling your elected officials here.

• Find your Representative and Senator here.

• Learn more about the Prevention and Wellness Trust here.

To learn more, visit www.MPHAweb.org or contact Maddie Ribble at mribble@mphaweb.org.