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Tough Sledding in Illinois

Tough Sledding in Illinois

May 5, 2007

Earlier this year, Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich put a strikingly ambitious health coverage plan on the table, financed by major new corporate taxes. With one month left in the legislative session, the NYT reports the plan is facing substantial political obstacles, chiefly connected with the new taxes on business. Among those opposing the financing scheme is Rev. Jesse Jackson. Ouch. Our friend Alan Weil sets the larger context:

Alan Weil, the executive president of the National Academy for State Health Policy, called the plan ambitious in its reach. “If this happens, I’d put it in the same category as Massachusetts as far as a comprehensive plan designed to reach everyone,” Mr. Weil said. “That would put it very much in the lead.” He added, “The big step is getting something enacted.”