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Transcript Exposes MEGA Scams

Transcript Exposes MEGA Scams

November 10, 2008

Friday's North Adams Transcript carried an article exposing the continued scams by Mega Life and Health Insurance company. AG Martha Coakley is deep into a multi-count litigation against the firm, yet they continue to try to sell their inadequate coverage to people who think they are getting a bargain.

Thankfully, Chip Joffe-Halpern of ECU-Health Care is on the case: "One woman from North Adams reported to us that a Mega Life salesman allegedly tried to convince her to buy a bare-bones policy for over $270 a month, even though she was eligible for Commonwealth Care, the comprehensive state plan with much better coverage for $35 a month," he said. "The salesman also allegedly misled her, by telling her if she didn't get health insurance she would be fined over $1,400 by the state. This is not true. When I called the salesman the next day and confronted him with her report, he denied saying any of this and claimed he didn't know about the state program."

A post we wrote about Mega back in October 2006 continues to get comments; the latest comment (#53) was last week. The commenter wrote "I too was duped by one of these overly aggressive, smooth talking salesmen. I feel like such a fool! There were several red flags going up throughout the meeting but the combination of a professional con man and the desire to get affordable insurance can be deadly. This company should be stopped."

It's good to see Chip and the Transcript doing their part to call attention to this abuse. We hope the AG's litigation can quickly bring a stop to them once and for all.
Brian Rosman