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We're #7: United Health Foundation's Annual Health Rankings

We're #7: United Health Foundation's Annual Health Rankings

December 13, 2006

Click here to obtain the United Health Foundation's annual ranking of all 50 states according to a variety of health measures: personal behavior risk factors, community environment risk factors, health policy risk factors, and health outcomes.

Massachusetts bottom line: From 2005 to 2006, MA improved overall from #9 to #7. (Since 1990 when this survey started, MA's ranking has varied between #3 and #11.)

Our strengths:
High childhood immunization coverage (#1),
Low infant mortality rate (#1),
Low rate of uninsured (#4 -- drop from #14 in 2005),
Ready access to prenatal care (#4),
Occupational fatalities (#1),
Motor vehicle deaths (#2).

Not so good:
High incidence of infectious disease (#37),
High violent crime rate (#32),
Per capita public health spending (#26)
High school graduation (#27) (I thought Mitt Romney says we're the best??),
Cancer deaths (#31)

Lots more interesting detail and analysis. Check out the cost and quality indicators on pages 112-113. We're not as good or as bad as we often believe.