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We're Number One - For Kids

We're Number One - For Kids

February 3, 2011

The Commonwealth Fund released their 2011 State Scorecard on Child Health System Performance, and Massachusetts was at the top. The Scorecard package includes interactive maps, charts, and more.

The scorecard looks at 20 dimensions of care for kids, tallying children’s health care access, affordability of care, prevention and treatment, the potential to lead healthy lives, and health system equity. The report finds wide variations among the states on these measures. But Massachusetts is tied with Iowa as the best overall state in the country for kids' health.

Digging down, the study puts us number one on the access and affordability measure, the fourth best in the prevention and treatment cluster and in equity. We came in seventh place for potential to lead health lives. Our low score on that measure was due to our high teen obesity rate and a low rank on teen physical exercise.

The report authors note that "states that invest in children’s health reap the benefits of having children who are able to learn in school and become healthy, productive adults." We can be pleased with our success, and use the report to continue to find ways to improve.
-Brian Rosman