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To the Winner Go the Spoils -- Meet David Massey V

To the Winner Go the Spoils -- Meet David Massey V

April 15, 2006

Meet the winner of the first Healthy Blog contest -- David Massey V (yes, the fifth!). Good genes in that family. Edging out all the smart and sophisticated readers of this blog was David, 16 ("almost 17"), Brookline High junior. He came today to collect his just reward. Apparently, lunch with me was not an attraction -- he wants to add to his t-shirt collection. Nonetheless, he stuck around long enough to answer some questions from yours truly.

How did he guess the day and hour of the health reform conference committee filing within 24 hours? "Actually, I intended to guess March 4th but typed the wrong month into my entry." From the mouths of babes!

What's his passion besides social justice (he participates in the Brookline social justice program called SAGE)? David is an aspiring film maker and will spend the summer participating in a BU film program. He and a partner are entering a national film competition, and they're now making a documentary on statutory rape.

He plays varsity volleyball -- 2006 team record as of today is 1-2. He's also a big fan of ulitimate frisbee. He hosts his own blog: rantingsofahighschoolstudent.com but is thinking of giving it up because it doesn't get much traffic. Help him out, folks...

He's a world traveler -- England, Amsterdam, France, Canada, Kenya, Tanzania. He's the son of two PhDs, though he's unimpressed -- "Because of that, I learn a lot of useless stuff." Well, I'm impressed, and grateful for the entry. Thanks, David.

So now ... suggestions for Healthy Blog Contest Number Two???