Health Reform

Under the umbrella of the Affordable Care Today (ACT!!) Coalition, we work to ensure that Chapter 58, the 2006 Massachusetts health reform law and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) meet the needs of all Massachusetts residents.
The ACT!! Coalition was formed in 2004 with the goals of winning a major increase in affordable, quality health coverage for the uninsured in Massachusetts by expanding public and private insurance options. 
2004: Affordable Care Today (ACT!) Coalition formed to advocate for comprehensive health reform.
2005: MassACT! ballot campaign collected over 100,000 signatures for comprehensive health reform.
2006: Enactment of Chapter 58, the landmark Massachusetts health reform law, which expanded health coverage to over 400,000 previously uninsured residents.
2006: The ACT! Coalition decided to become involved with implementation of the law, and transitioned its name to the ACT!! Coalition.
2007: The Health Connector established affordable premiums and copays for the new subsidized health insurance program, Commonwealth Care.
2008: Fair Minimum Creditable Coverage (MCC), individual mandate and employer fair share policies enacted.
2009: Advocated for reinstatement of coverage for legal immigrants; won alternate coverage and then full coverage after Health Law Advocates 2012 victory in Supreme Judicial Court.
2010: Passage of the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA), which is modeled on the Massachusetts health reform law.
2010-2013: Protected programs from budget cuts, maintained affordable premiums, benefits and cost-sharing for low-income consumers; actively participated in state decisions around implementation of the ACA.
2014: Affordable health coverage maintained for low-income residents receiving subsidized coverage through the Health Connector; attained coverage improvements and simplification through implementation of the ACA.
The ACT!! Coalition continues to be a broad-based advocacy coalition that seeks to protect and improve health care access for all Massachusetts residents. The ACT!! Coalition is guided by the following principles:
Access to affordable, high quality health coverage for all Massachusetts residents, particularly the most vulnerable
Adequate payment for providers of services to patients enrolled in subsidized health insurance programs in order to protect access for low-income residents
Transparent, fair and sustainable funding for subsidized health insurance programs
If you would like more information about the ACT!! Coalition, 
please contact Suzanne Curry at or (617) 275-2977.