Immigrant Health Toolkit

Immigrant Health Toolkit

This collection of information, compiled into the Immigrant Toolkit, is meant to serve as a guide on how to deal with a wide range of scenarios that may arise because of today's political climate. Mainly health care based, the links below will break into different sections of the toolkit that can hopefully begin to assuade any concerns you may have regarding coverage or immigration in general.


Resources For Health Centers:

These resources are geared towards giving health care providers more information about how to help their patients.

Educate Yourself

Learn more about the issue by clicking here to read pieces from press around the nation that focus on immigrant issues related to health care.

Take Action:

These websites and social media accounts are geared as resources towards explaining how each one of us can become more informed and involved in the fight to help immigrants gain health care and protect their rights.
About the Toolkit: 
The immigrant toolkit was first conceived as an idea by a group known as the Immigrant Healthcare Access Coalition (IHAC) as a means of assisting those feeling uneasy because of federal executive orders. Health care itself is already a complex topic. With immigrant rights added on top, it is easy to begin getting information confused with misinformation. Because of this complexity, it can be difficult to ensure immigrants are receiving the best quality of health care available to them. However, the Toolkit aims to change that. With focuses on providers, patients, and the every day individual, the Toolkit is designed to promote immigrant health rights in a wide variety of ways. You are encouraged to go through each link provided to explore all of the information provided. Please take your time to go through all of the available resources and make sure you know your health rights.
About IHAC:
Founded by Health Law Advocates, and strongly supported by Health Care For All and the Massachusetts Immigration and Refugee Advocacy Coalition, the Immigrant Healthcare Access Coalition (IHAC) is a large group of organizations focused on providing health care to all immigrants. Based on the actions at the federal level of government, a group of 80+ organizations banded together to create IHAC. Each organization brings a particular expertise regarding immigration, health care, or the law. With such a diverse member base, the group determined that the best way to compile all of the necessary knowledge was to create this resource space. We hope that you find it useful.