Prescription Drug Reform

In 2008, HCFA formed the Massachusetts Prescription Reform Coalition (MPRC) to address high prescription drug costs. Drug costs are soaring, leading to higher premiums, and higher out-of-pocket costs for sick patients. The 2014 Massachusetts Heatlh Care Cost Trends report found that drug spending is growing faster than any other category of health care spending. These rising costs threaten the stability of health care reform and the Commonwealth’s budget.  The costs also threaten people's ability to access the medications that they need to maintain their health.

In the 2008, MPRC successfully advocated for the passage of Chapter 305, which restricts the drug industry’s marketing efforts that drive up health care costs. This law sets up a "Code of Conduct" that includes a ban on gifts given by the drug industry to doctors, and disclosure requirement on the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. The law also launched an academic detailing program to provide prescribers with unbiased, evidence-based research on treatments for various conditions. HCFA continues to work with other consumer advocacy groups to reduce the cost of prescription drugs and to monitor the pharmaceutical industry.

To learn more about MPRC or about HCFA's prescription reform efforts, contact Alyssa Vangeli at or 617-275-2922.