Building a Rapid Response Network in Massachusetts

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Health Care For All implementedsix Listening Sessions in the past months, in Worcester (April 12th), Northampton (May 9th), Cambridge (May 11th), New Bedford (May 14th), Chelsea (July 16th), and Gilbertville (July 19th).The purpose for these events is to document the experiences that consumers have as they access the healthcare system in Massachusetts and receive healthcare services. Whether good or bad, experiences are equally valuable. Shared stories help inform our Public Policy Department and sharpen our policy proposals to improve the healthcare system across the Commonwealth.

So far, we have heard consumers’ concerns about a variety of issues including:

  • Getting access to health coverage as a self-employed worker;
  • The need for transportation to health services for low-income and/or non-English speaking individuals;
  • Access to oral health and insurance options to cover oral health services.

Healthcare For All would like to hear from you. We currently have two additional listening sessions scheduled in Boston (August 18th), and Framingham (August 28th). Efforts are also underway in New Bedford, Worcester and Cambridge to organize Health Advocacy Teams.  These local teams of concerned and engaged consumers will work with our Public Policy Department on an ongoing basis as we organize a Rapid Response Network across the state.

If you would like to participate in any of these events, or if you would like to organize a listening session in your local community, please contact us at: For more information visit our website at: