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Children's (AND Adults') Mental Health: Parents Needed, Too

Children's (AND Adults') Mental Health: Parents Needed, Too

May 7, 2015

Our friends at the Parent Professional Advoacy Leage are longtime partners in the Children's Mental Health Campaign we help lead with them and others.

Their director, Lisa Lambert, just posted an insightful blog with observations about the never-ending role of parents in their childs's well being, even as their child grows up. She writes:

When providers, emergency services and mental health providers ignore parents of young adults, it can send a message. When adult mental health systems exclude family involvement, that message is even stronger. The message I hear when this happens is, We don’t value parents and family involvement. If I am hearing it, my son or daughter probably is as well. Sure, there are privacy concerns and it’s important that young adults learn to take the lead in treatment and life decisions. But they may not want to do that every time. Sometimes we all need a team and parents can be valuable team members.

Well worth reading the whole thing, here: Don’t call me an adult ally, I’m a parent. Always was, always will be.