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MassHealth Wants YOU! (to help them think about structure and payment reforms)

MassHealth Wants YOU! (to help them think about structure and payment reforms)

August 2, 2015

MassHealth, the state's Medicaid program, is dramatically ramping up its process for the public to contribute ideas for its restructuring and payment reforms. And you're invited to participate.

During the spring, the agency held listening session forums throughout the state on a number of key issues. They plan to soon issue a summary of what they heard at those meetings.

Now, the next step is for an open, participatory process to advise MassHealth on implementing major changes to the program. In their announcement, the agency set out a multi-level outline for input into their planning:

MassHealth is committed to a fully transparent process that includes:

  • Public meetings (approximately every 4-6 weeks) between now and March 2016 to solicit broad public input;
  • A standing member forum for members and/or their families and caregivers to provide ongoing guidance and feedback to EOHHS on the development, implementation, and performance of its MassHealth reforms;
  • Continued use of the MassHealth.Innovations@state.ma.us email address to accept written testimony; and
  • Eight work groups to solicit focused input on specific topical areas

People are encouraged to apply to participate in the 7 workgroups, which will start meeting in mid-August and go though December. The workgroups will look at:

  •  Strategic Design
  •  Attribution
  •  Payment Model Design 
  •  Certification Criteria
  •  Health Care Homes
  •  Quality Improvement
  •  LTSS (Long-Term Services and Supports) Payment and Care Delivery Models
  •  BH (Behavioral Health) Payment and Care Delivery Models

Note that the topics of the workgroups have changed slightly since they were originally posted last week. In addition, MassHealth simplified the process of submitting your name, removing the requirement of a letter of support.

We're very encouraged by the open, public process, and encourage interested people to apply. HCFA will try to be at most of the meetings, and we'll report on any significant developments here on our Healthy Blog. 

Applications to the workgroups are due at 5:00 pm on Wednesday, August 5. More information on the workgroups and the application form can be downloaded on the state's clunky CommBuys site here, under "file attachments."

[ Note- the updated forms were put on the state's CommBuys website around 2:30 pm on Monday, August 3 ]

                           -- Brian Rosman