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Congressional Delegation Releases Report on ACA Impact on Massachusetts

Congressional Delegation Releases Report on ACA Impact on Massachusetts

March 23, 2017



A new report details the positive impact the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has had in Massachusetts. The report (read it here), issued by Senator Elizabeth Warren along with Senator Ed Markey and almost all of the state's Congressional delegation, provides example after example of people whose lives were directly affected by the help offered through the ACA.

More than 100 hospitals, community health centers, behavioral health organizations, insurers, patient advocates, health care providers, and individuals share their perspectives, including Health Care For All and our legal affiliate, Health Law Advocates. Their stories reveal the importance of high-quality, affordable insurance coverage and how the ACA has improved health care and access to health care in Massachusetts. In the report, voices from across the health system in Massachusetts speak of the need to maintain the protections and coverage provided by the ACA. Hospitals, insurers, and health care providers from across the Commonwealth explain what it means to them to participate in a health system that provides near-universal coverage, and the difference it has made to them or to the individuals they cover, care for, advocate with, or work with to have access to the ACA’s protections. These voices also highlight the unique and innovative ways that Massachusetts has been able to provide services and programs that have improved the health and wellbeing of its residents and communities.

The Health Care For All contribution focuses on our HelpLine, and on a mother who called us because her daughter had pulmonary hypertension. Their daughter was able to get all the care she needed through the law's forbidding of lifetime caps on insurance coverage.

HCFA congratulates Senator Warren on the amazing resource, and hopes its message will be spread far as the debate continues on the ACA.