Health Reform

Health Reform

Health Care For All has a long history of advocating for and winning major health reform legislation. Under the umbrella of the Affordable Care Today (ACT!!) Coalition, we work to ensure that Chapter 58, the 2006 Massachusetts health reform law and the Affordable Care Act meet the needs of Massachusetts residents.

The ACT!! Coalition is a broad-based advocacy coalition that seeks to protect and improve health care access for Massachusetts residents. It was formed in 2004 to advocate for comprehensive health reform in the Commonwealth, and it continues to advance the goal of affordable health coverage for Massachusetts residents -- with representation from consumer, provider, health and health care advocacy, labor, community and faith-based organizations.

The ACT!! Coalition is guided by the following principles:

  • Access to affordable, quality health coverage for all Massachusetts residents, particularly the most vulnerable
  • Adequate payment for providers of services to patients enrolled in subsidized health insurance programs to protect access for low-income residents
  • Transparent, fair and sustainable funding for subsidized health insurance programs

If you would like more information about the ACT!! Coalition, please contact Suzanne Curry at (617) 275-2977 or


2017-2018 Legislative Priority

An Act to Restore Affordable Health Connector Coverage (H. 592/S. 630)
Lead Sponsors: Representative Balser & Senator Jehlen
Summary: Access to affordable health coverage is the cornerstone of successful health reform policy. An Act to Restore Affordable Health Connector Coverage ensures that premiums and cost-sharing remain affordable for individuals who receive subsidies to purchase health insurance through the Health Connector. This is especially important in light of recent ConnectorCare premium increases and potential changes to the Affordable Care Act.

Fact sheet can be found here.


FY2018 Budget Priorities

Maintain comprehensive, affordable health coverage for low-income residents

  • Preserve MassHealth and ConnectorCare eligibility, premiums, cost-sharing levels, benefits.
  • We oppose MassHealth CarePlus benefit cuts proposed in House 1:
    • Non-emergency medical transportation
    • Coverage for eyeglasses and contacts (House 1 also gives EOHHS broad authority to determine the level of vision services to cover in MassHelath CarePlus (Outside Section 72).

Re-establish employer shared responsibility in health care

  • We support employer shared responsibility and ask the Legislature to work with stakeholders on the details of Governor Baker's proposal.

Preserve dedicated funding for health care programs

  • Ensure the Commonwealth Care Trust Fund (CCTF) continues as a dedicated funding source to support subsidized health coverage through the Health Connector and services provided through the Health Safety Net.

Provide adequate MassHealth provider rates

  • Make and protect investments in the FY2018 budget to ensure that providers, particularly safety net hospitals and community-based providers have the necessary funding to care for residents receiving coverage through MassHealth and other public health insurance programs.

Reinstate eligibility for and ensure sustainability of the Health Safety Net

  • We urge the Legislature to help ensure the sustainability of the Health Safety Net by:
    • including language restoring Health Safety Net eligibility to levels in effect prior to June 2016;
    • continuing the general fund contribution to the Health Safety Net at $30 million; and
    • reinvesting federal matching funds received for program and administrative costs back into the HSN program itself to help support care provided to low-income uninsured and underinsured patients.

Restore full dental benefits for adult MassHealth members

  • Maintain the current level of MassHealth adult dental benefits and consider full restoration of dental benefits for adult MassHealth members in the FY 2018 budget.