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City of Champions ... and a Disappointing House Budget Proposal

City of Champions ... and a Disappointing House Budget Proposal

April 13, 2005

Brockton – The City of Champions — had another winner last night: a powerful “speak-out” with 150 chanting, cheering “working family” members urging legislators – Reps. Christine Canavan, Geraldine Creedon and Kathy Teahan – to challenge Gov. Romney as “he runs for President on the backs of the poor.” Our Southeastern Massachusetts partners, the Coalition for Social Justice, did a fantastic job organizing the event – complete with fact sheets, noisemakers, chants and a “Tax Fairness” song to the tune of “The Hokey Pokey”.

The three biggest applause lines: “Let Governor Romney try a low-income person’s life a little before trying to get every last nickel and dime from them!” “Don’t shop WalMart!”; and, (from a local business leader): “I don’t mind paying my fair share of taxes. I do mind the Governor reneging on his promise to not cut Mass Health and other essential services because he won’t force multi-state and multi-national businesses to pay their fair share”!

Go Brockton!!
The Ways and Means Committee of the Mass. House of Reps. released their budget proposal today. It was disappointing for many health and human services groups, including HCFA. We will seek through amendments to: restore benefits such as adult dental services, dentures, and eyeglasses; lift enrollment caps on key MassHealth programs such as Essential, CommonHealth, and the HIV Program; reinstate coverage for 10,000 low income, elderly, and disabled legal immigrants cut in 2003; and more.