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Fine New Report on MassHealth and Business

Fine New Report on MassHealth and Business

June 28, 2005

Meanwhile, the ever-excellent Mass. Medicaid Policy Institute has just released a new report: Ten Facts the Employer Community Should know about the Massachusetts Medicaid Program, a new report that provides perspectives about the importance of MassHealth for the state's business community. In particular, the report explains how a strong MassHealth program benefits employers.

"Although many associate MassHealth with poverty and unemployment, it is a major source of health insurance for low-wage workers, covering more than 400,000 employed persons and their families. MassHealth is a major reason why Massachusetts has a relatively low percentage of people withour insurance, and program expansions have helped reduce the cost of uncompensated care, financed in part by business."

Congrats to Nancy Turnbull and Bob Seifert for another outstanding piece of work.