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One Mother's Reaction to RomneyCare -- Boston Globe Letter

One Mother's Reaction to RomneyCare -- Boston Globe Letter

June 27, 2005

This is from the letters page of yesterday's Boston Globe.

Why I don't have healthcare

June 26, 2005

REGARDING ''Romney eyes penalties for those lacking insurance," (Page A1, June 22): I am a 45-year-old single mother with two teenaged children, one full-time job, and one part- time job. I own a home and pay nearly $4,000 annually in taxes to the Commonwealth. However, my full-time job as a secretary in a small office does not provide me with health insurance, and I earn too much to qualify for MassHealth. My children, fortunately, are covered by their father's insurance policy.

Most of us who ''choose" not to have health insurance are forced into that choice by finances. My expenses exceed my income by approximately $100 a week. I resent the implication in the article that my intention is to defraud the healthcare industry by seeking out medical care and then refusing to pay.

I welcome any suggestions Governor Romney might have as to how I might enroll in a plan, avoid foreclosure on my home, continue to keep my children fed, clothed, and warm, and pay my already substantial taxes. In his proposed run for the presidency, it might better serve him to find a way to make health insurance affordable for everyone rather than penalize those of us who are unable to afford it.