PFAC Resources

PFAC Resources

 ☆ About PFACs

How Patient Engagement Benefits Your Hospital -- Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality website includes numerous materials to increase engagement within your hospital and shows how engagement ultimately benefits your hospital.

Institute for Patient and Family Centered-Care - Advancing the Practice of Patient and Family-Centered Care in Hospitals -- Provides background information about patient- and family-centered care, and lays-out approaches for how to move forward with this type of care.

Patient And Family Engagement Resource Compendium --The Health Research & Educational Trust (HRET) developed this resource compendium to help link PFE concepts and strategies to available resources. This compendium highlights the array of resources that can support hospital efforts to partner with patients and families and provides some recommendations on how the available resources can be used.

Patient And Family Engagement: A Framework For Understanding The Elements And Developing Interventions And Policies -- Health Affairs article proposing a framework for patient engagement and explains the different levels that engagement can occur at within the hospital. It also discusses factors that can influence whether or not engagement occurs.

Patient And Family Engagement: A Survey of US Hospital Practices -- Findings within this article indicate that there is a large variation in hospital implementation of PFE practices, with competing organizational priorities being the most commonly identified barrier to adoption.

Patient & Family Healthcare Leadership Resource Compendium -- The compendium was created to assist and inform volunteer patient and family council leaders. It presents information on the impact of patient and family engagement on health care outcomes and care improvements.

The Association Between Patient and Family Engagement Practices and Patient Experience -- This study examines the use and effects of patient and family engagement practices in U.S. hospitals.

 ☆ PFAC Toolkits

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality -Working with Patients and Families as Advisors Implementation Handbook -- Handbook gives an overview of and rationale for a strategy for working with patients and families, outlines five steps for putting the strategy into place, and includes specific suggestions for how to work with patient and family advisors.

BJC HealthCare's Patient and Family Advisory Council: Getting Started Toolkit -- Provides information about the steps  for starting a PFAC, alongside comments from individuals who have created them.

Colorado Hospital PFAC Toolkit -- Outlines the need for PFACs and helps hospitals to determine their PFAC’s level of engagement and how to move through these different stages of development.

Cancer Care Ontario PFAC Toolkit -- Toolkit intended for any organization that wishes to engage patients and their families in advisory councils as a means to improve patient experiences with health services. These organizations may be in the early stages of creating and supporting an advisory council, or they may be experiencing challenges around the sustainable effectiveness of their council.

Cancer Care Ontario - Building a Culture of Person-Centered Care -- Provides useful information about engaging advisory councils and highlights the perspective of many council members and how they view their work.

Creating a Patient and Family Advisory Council: A Toolkit for Pediatric Practices -- This toolkit is designed to help your pediatric practice build a system for listening to this feedback – by creating your own Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC). The kit provides step-by-step guidance on how to effectively engage family perspectives in the design of services and to improve overall quality in the delivery of those services. Additional companion resources can also be found at this link.

Kaiser Permanente Patient Advisory Council Playbook -- Offers a generic PFAC task list and timeline, as well as templates for getting a PFAC started.

Hospital Strategies to Engage Physicians in Quality Improvement -- Takes a deeper look at physicians’ involvement within hospital improvement, and suggests ways to better engage these individuals.

Public Engagement in Ontario’s Hospitals – Opportunities and Challenges -- Describes processes for involving, engaging and partnering with the public. The processes range from engaging with patients to improve the quality, safety and appropriateness of healthcare services to approaches that strengthen organizational decision-making and strategic planning.

Starting and Sustaining Patient & Family Advisory Councils -- Includes valuable information about how to start a PFAC and potential PFAC projects.

Working With Patient and Family Advisors on Short-Term Projects -- A handout for clinician and staff training sessions that contains suggestions for ways to incorporate advisors on short-term projects, along with a form to request advisor participation.

A Leadership Resource for Patient and Family Engagement Strategies -- This resource gives hospital and health system leaders concrete, practical steps grounded in evidence-based research to improve patient and family engagement in their organizations.

 ☆ Sample PFAC Materials

AHRQ’s Patient and Family Engagement Resources -- This site provides numerous resources to help patients get the most out of their healthcare experience. It includes Patient and Family Engagement modules, tips for patients and sample questions for the waiting room.

Leadership Readiness Assessment -- A self-assessment that can start a conversation among leadership to determine the level of readiness for launching a PFAC.

PFAC Readiness Assessment -- Allows PFACs to look at different issues within the hospital and rate them in relation to their experiences of them. Will be helpful in making plans for PFACs moving forward.

 ☆ PFAC Training

Patients and Health Care Teams: Building Successful Partnerships -- Includes an overview of the Patient Empowerment Training Module (PETM), which can be used to empower patients to identify quality care and partner with their providers to improve health.

 ☆ PFAC Brochures

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality PFAC Brochure

Cancer Care Ontario Brochure

 ☆ PFAC Postcard

Postcard for clinicians or hospital staff to give to potential patient and family advisors along with a verbal invitation to get involved -- Describes the role of an advisor and tells potential advisors how to get more information.

 ☆ PFAC Handout

Working With Patient and Family Advisors -- Handout for clinician and staff training sessions that outlines the role of patient and family advisors and opportunities for working with them.

 ☆ PFAC Engagement in Research

Read more about patient and family advisors engagement in research here.