Answers to Your Democracy School Questions, updates on Public Charge, and it's time to take Action for Safe Communities!

Friday, May 18, 2018
Welcome to our Action Alert that is working to promote Safe Communities! Before we get to these amendments, we have a couple of other important announcements: 
April 2018 Democracy School Questions 
Thank you again to each of you for attending our Democracy School: Building Health Power in Immigrant Communities 2018 last month. As promised during the discussion breakout groups, we have answers for each of your questions. Please take a minute to go over each of these questions and answers here. Find the Portuguese version here, and the Spanish version here
Children of Immigrants Article
The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities recently released a fantastic article highlighting the Trump administration's immigration policies titled "Administration Actions Against Immigrant Families Harming Children Through Increased Fear, Loss of Needed Assistance". The article is well researched and provides key insight into the harm that many of these policies will cause when fully implemented. We'd recommend everyone take a minute to read this piece!
Safe Communities Coalition Needs Your Help
This is where we need your support for the action alert! The Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA) has teamed up with the Massachusetts Safe Communities Coalition to Protect Immigrants Now! As such, there are 3 amendments within the proposed Massachusetts Senate Budget that can help accomplish this goal. 
1. No Police Inquiries About Immigration Status
2. Stop Collaborating With ICE
3. Provide Basic Due Process Protections 
To find out more information about each of these amendments, please read the provided handout by clicking here. 
We need you to contact your state senator and tell them that you support each of these provisions! To find your state senator, please click here. 
To get more involved, here's what you can do:
1. Go to or text SAFEMA to 52886 to join our campaign! We'll send you text and/or email alerts with call scripts & details starting May 14. Please share with friends and family, too - we need LOTS of people on board!
2. Join an ACLU phone bank: They'll be working out of the ACLU office in Boston on May 17, 22 and 23. Sign up at
3. Set up your own phone bank: If you have 5+ people, the ACLU will set you up. Contact Olivia Santoro, or 617-482-3170.
For more information: Contact Amy Grunder, MIRA Director of Legislative Affairs, at or 617-350-5480, x222.