Press Statement from Health Care For All's Director Amy Rosenthal On the MassHealth Prescription Drug Provision in the FY20 Senate Budget

Wednesday, May 8, 2019
"Prescription drugs are critical to cure disease and maintain health, however they only work if consumers can afford them. Unfortunately, prescription drug prices continue to rise rapidly, with pharmacy spending nearly doubling in MassHealth over the past five years. This trend is not sustainable, yet MassHealth is fundamental to the Commonwealth's success in providing 97% percent of its residents with coverage. 
 "We are pleased the Senate Ways and Means Committee extended MassHealth's authority to provide greater leverage in negotiating lower drug prices. The provisions allow MassHealth to refer high-cost drug manufacturers to the Health Policy Commission (HPC) if negotiations are unsuccessful, where the HPC could require manufacturers to submit disclosures and testify at public hearings to justify their prices. We commend the Senate for strengthening this proposal to make progress not only towards transparency but also accountability."