Protect Our Care Campaign

Protect Our Care Campaign

These are some of the actions that we are taking to defend the Affordable Care Act, CHIP, Community Health Centers, DACA, and other important health care related topics:

You still have time to stand up against Kavanaugh! - September 4, 2018

As you may know, the President has nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. His confirmation hearing began today and we wanted to remind you that there is still time to oppose this confirmation!

Judge Kavanaugh is currently an appeals court judge for the D.C. Circuit and also worked on the Whitewater investigation and in the George W. Bush White House. While we can't know exactly how he'll rule in every case, there is sufficient cause in his record to strongly oppose this confirmation. We know he's hostile to the ACA and reproductive rights and holds troubling views on executive power.

Our stance going forward:

  1. We must ensure that there is a vigorous debate about the Kavanaugh nomination. Ideally, a majority of the Senate will oppose the nomination. Failing that, the longer the process runs, the more we have an opportunity to raise important issues.
  2. We have to work to elevate our champions and hold lawmakers who are unwilling to defend health care and consumer protection to account.
  3. And, we must utilize this fight to continue to tell the story of our movement, to strengthen public demand for comprehensive, affordable health care by identifying and engaging our supporters, building long term and sustainable political power. This will position all of us well for future defensive work (no matter the outcome) federally and at the state level

What you can do:

We urge you to reach out to friends and family in other states to place calls raising concerns about Kavanaugh.

Attached here you will find sample call scripts for your use in calling Senate offices. There is a real need for constituent engagement with offices on this and they are keeping count. While both Massachusetts Senators are firmly opposed to his nomination, we can help put pressure on Senators in other states by asking those we know in those states to call their Senators.

If you are interested in reading the recent blog post from Community Catalyst regarding this issue, click here.

Watch: Interview with Brian Rosman regarding concerns about the possible effect on access to affordable insurance and reproductive health care by President Trump's nominee to the US Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh. - July 30, 2018

Day of Action for Community Health Centers. Recommended steps to take from HCFA's team - February 5, 2018

Read the Day of Action information here.

Statement From Health Care For All's Executive Director Amy Rosenthal Regarding The Senate Vote To End The Government Shutdown - January 22, 2018

Read the statement here.

Statement From Health Care For All's Executive Director Amy Rosenthal Regarding The Tax Bill Signed Into Law - December 22, 2017

Read the statement here.

See the statement featured on WWLP here.

Press Conference Calling for CHIP Funding

Health Care For All joined in a press conference organized by Senator Markey, along with Boston Children’s Hospital, the Massachusetts Medical Society, and patients, to urge Congress to reauthorize funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

Brian Rosman, Health Care For All’s Director of Policy and Government Relations, emphasized that CHIP needs to funded as quickly as possible to protect coverage for the about 170,000 children and 5,000 pregnant women in Massachusetts who rely on the program for health coverage. If federal funding for CHIP is not reauthorized, it will create a massive hole in the state’s budget, which could mean coverage and benefits will be scaled back.

Statement from Health Care For All's Executive Director Amy Rosenthal regarding the Senate vote on the tax reform bill and the repeal of the individual mandate - December 2, 2017

Read the statement here


Statement from Health Care For All's Executive Director Amy Rosenthal regarding the potential repeal of the individual mandate under the tax reform bill - November 15, 2017

Read the statement here


Interview about Increasing Health Insurance Premiums - October 25, 2017


Press Statement Regarding The Announcements From The Trump Administrations To Roll Back Consumer Protections and End The Payment Of Subsidies - October 13, 2017  

Read the statement here


Statement Regarding the Senate’s Decision to Not Hold a Vote on the Graham-Cassidy Proposal - September 26, 2017

Read the statement here


Emergency roundtable discussion with Senator Markey - September 25, 2017

Health Care For All's executive director, Amy Rosenthal, attended a roundtable discussion held by Senator Markey on the Graham-Cassidy repeal bill. 

Other attendees included representatives from Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston Children's Hospital, Carney Hospital, Fenway Health, Cambridge Health Alliance, Planned Parenthood, Massachusetts Medical Society, Community Catalyst, Doctors for America, Massachusetts Health and Hospitals Association, Learn2Cope, UMASS Boston Institute for Community Inclusion, Mass Senior Action Council, and the American Cancer Society


Markey, Healthcare Providers Speak On Graham-Cassidy Bill

Mass. hospital execs implore out-of-state senators to vote no on Obamacare repeal

Boston hospital chiefs, health advocates see peril in Obamacare repeal


Health Care For All Submits Letter to Senate Committee on Finance in Opposition to Graham-Cassidy - September 25, 2017

Health Care For All submitted written comments to the Senate Committee on Finance expressing opposition to the Graham-Cassidy bill and detailing the negative effects this bill would have both for Massachusetts and for the country at large. 

Read our letter here


Joint Statement Regarding Graham-Cassidy Proposal to Repeal and Replace the Affordable Care Act - September 20, 2017

Health Care For All joined with the Massachusetts Medical Society and The Associated Industries of Massachusetts in a statement opposing the Graham-Cassidy plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Read the statement here.


Maine’s Collins puts health bill on death watch with ‘no’ vote


Drive for Our Lives - August 30, 2017

Health Care for All worked with Community Catalyst and Save My Care to bring the Drive for Our Lives bus to Boston. Advocates and government offcials gathered to speak on the importance of the Affordable Care Act and reaffirm the necessity of opposing the ongoing efforts to repeal the law and make cuts to Medicaid funding. Speakers included Massachusetts Congressman Joe Kennedy and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh. Health Care For All's executive director, Amy Rosenthal, introduced the speakers. 


Manifestación defiende el acceso asequible a la salud

Massachusetts health care advocates rally for Affordable Care Act​

HCFA Submits Affidavit in Federal Court Case on Health Care Subsidies - August 1st, 2017

On Tuesday, August 1st, the D.C. Circuit Court ruled that a group of 16 state attorneys general, including Massachusetts’ Maura Healey, are allowed to intervene in the  ongoing lawsuit over the federal payment of cost-sharing reduction subsides implemented by the Affordable Care Act. These subsidies are paid to insurers in return for the insurance companies offering cheaper plans for low-income Americans. If these subsides were ended, it is expected that it would lead to a large increase in premium prices throughout the market as insurers attempt to recoup their losses, and it would potentially cause some insurers to pull out of ACA marketplaces altogether.

Health Care For All’s HelpLine Director, Hannah Frigand, submitted an affidavit to the court detailing how the increase in premium costs would harm Massachusetts residents and lead to consumers dropping their insurance plans. 


(Boston, MA) - Statement from Health Care For All's Executive Director Amy Rosenthal regarding the defeat of the Senate health care bill known as "The Health Care Freedom Act":

"Health Care For All is relieved that the US Senate voted last night to not move forward with their "skinny repeal" which could have dismantled the pillars of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and put coverage out of reach for millions of Americans. The defeat of the Senate health care bill is a key victory for consumers and advocates as it effectively blocks Congress from using the budget reconciliation process to repeal the ACA. It also means that hundreds of thousands of residents in the Commonwealth will be able to continue to access the health care they need.

"We are grateful to our entire Congressional delegation for fighting to protect the ACA and Medicaid. We would like to thank Senators Markey and Warren who stood up for Massachusetts by opposing this harmful bill. We are also highly appreciative of Governor Baker's strong leadership at the national level where he joined a bipartisan group of governors who urged the Senate to reject the bill. We are very fortunate to have all of these elected officials working with us.

"We know that the battle to protect our care is far from over as Medicaid and other health care programs remain vulnerable to attacks through tax reform and other legislative avenues. We encourage the US Congress to work on a bipartisan approach to strengthen the ACA so that it works for all Americans. In Massachusetts, we have reached almost universal coverage with over 97% of our population insured, thanks to both state and national health reforms. HCFA is committed to advocate for consumers at the state and federal level and to improve the health care system so that it meets the needs of each and every one of them."

Rally in Support of the Affordable Care Act as Senate Debates Repeal - July 26th, 2017

Health Care For All attended a rally at the Massachusetts State House held in response to the decision in the senate to proceed with debate on a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Vigil to Save Medicaid  - June 29th, 2017

Healthcare workers, community stakeholders and advocates came together to highlight the devastating consequences of U.S. Senate Republicans' healthcare bill for Massachusetts during a vigil at the John F. Kennedy Federal Building. During the event, called "Save Medicaid, Save Lives," attendees stood in solidarity with the 22 million Americans who could lose their healthcare coverage if the Senate bill passes. Health Care For All attended the vigil along with several other Boston groups, including 1199SEIU, Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO), the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy (MIRA) Coalition, and the Lynn Community Health Center.


Massachusetts Activists Protest Senate Bill To Repeal Obamacare

D.C. People's Filibuster - June 28th, 2017

HCFA's Board Director, Marcia Hams, and Director of Communications and Strategy, Maria Gonzalez, visited the Congressional delegation to talk about the work being done in MA to protect our care. They also participated in the Hug the Senate Action as part of the Washington DC protests, the "D.C. People's Filibuster" that stands against the Senate Health Care Bill. House Representative from Georgia John Lewis participated in the action.


Democrats Rally Troops To Protest GOP Health Care Bill In ‘Human Chain’ Around The Capitol

Peligro seguro de salud para millones de hispanos 

Informe: Millones quedarían sin seguro médico

New England Advocates Unite for Health Care and Hold Rally in Boston - June 19th, 2017

Health Care For All (HCFA), Community Catalyst (CC) and other Massachusetts advocates joined the Maine People's Alliance on Monday, June 19th to rally outside an event featuring US Representative Bruce Poliquin. The Maine Congressman is the only New England Congressman who voted in favor of the American Health Care Act, a bill that passed the US House of Representatives by merely 3 votes back in May and will have devastating effects in Maine, Massachusetts, New England and the rest of the country.


Obamacare Supporters Dog Maine Republican in Boston for Voting to Repeal It
Maine Rep's Opponents Catch Up With Him In Boston

Senator Markey Joined by Hospital and Health Care Leaders and Advocates to Oppose Devastating Trumpcare Proposal, Repeal of Affordable Care Act (Cambridge Health Alliance) - June 16th, 2017

Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) was joined on June 16th at a press conference at Cambridge Health Alliance by the Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association, Health Care For All, Cambridge Health Alliance, elected officials, and concerned patients to decry efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with legislation that would make drastic cuts to Medicaid and roll-back health coverage for millions of Americans.

Interview on Boston Neighborhood Network - June 2nd, 2017

'Thank You Governor Baker' Press Event for commitment to health care access (State House) - May 25th, 2017 (Hosted by Health Care For All and 1199SEIU)

On May 25th, 2017, Health Care For All (HCFA) and 1199SEIU joined other advocacy and consumer groups outside of Governor Baker's office to highlight the human impact in Massachusetts of the American Health Care Act (AHCA), the ACA repeal bill passed by the U.S. House. This week, the Urban Institute released an analysis that depicts a very devastating picture for the future of access to health insurance in Massachusetts if that law is implemented. The report projects that 1 out of 10 people in the state could be uninsured by 2022. Many of those who would lose coverage are the most vulnerable among us, those who need MassHealth coverage to get access to critical services. Massachusetts residents who could be impacted shared their story. Advocates also thanked Governor Baker for his commitment to protecting health care coverage in Massachusetts especially MassHealth, the state's Medicaid program. 



Senator Edward Markey Press Conference on Impacts of Trumpcare in MA - May 8th, 2017 (Hosted by Health Care For All)

Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) held a press conference at Health Care For All in Boston with health care, seniors, disability, and substance use treatment advocates to discuss the harmful impacts of the American Health Care Act, also known as Trumpcare. The Affordable Care Act replacement legislation was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday, May 4th 2017. 



"The Fight Goes On" Emergency Rally (JFK Federal Building) - May 4th, 2017

After the vote, HCFA called for an emergency rally in front of the local offices of Senators Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey, to show our support as this battle moves to the Senate. During this action, advocates and consumers highlighted the negative impact that this bill can have for children, seniors, people with disabilities and low income families in the Commonwealth, and thanked the congressional delegation for their fearless opposition. 


GOP plan could erode Mass. health care law
After House Approves GOP Health Care Bill, Mass. Health Leaders Express Grave Concerns
Kalter: Bay State facing premium problems
Massachusetts backlash as U.S. House approves GOP health care bill
Mass. backlash as US House approves Trumpcare


HCFA contingent in SEIU Day of Action rally (State House) - Apr. 12th, 2017


HCFA contingent in MIRA Coalition's Immigrant's Day actions (State House) - Apr. 6th, 2017


The ACA is here to stay! - Mar. 24th, 2017

Thanks to you and grassroots organizations like Health Care For All, the vote was cancelled, marking a big victory for advocates and consumers throughout the country. Nonetheless, we need to stay prepared for future attacks.

How can you help in the meantime?
Show your appreciation to your Congressional Representatives. Here is a template letter!


Call to Action: GOP Health Bill's Effect on Massachusetts - Mar. 24th, 2017


Congresswoman Katherine Clark volunteer and advocacy fair (Lexington High School) - Mar. 18th, 2017


Press Conference Against The GOP Healthcare Bill (Old South Copley Church) - Mar. 9th, 2017

Press Release

GOP ACA BIll Press Conference


Em Massachusetts mais de 300.000 adultos cobertos por MassHealth serão prejudicados pelo 'Trumpcare'
GOP Health Plan Threatens Mass. Coverage


HCFA contingent at the 'Stand With Planned Parenthood Rally' (Boston Common) - Mar. 4th, 2017

Images taken by Carl Stevens, Craig F. Walker, Jamie Ducharme, and Patrick Whittemore


De-Funding Planned Parenthood 'Reckless,' Mayor Walsh Says At Rally on Boston Common
Hundreds Rally Against Proposed Planned Parenthood Cuts
Planned Parenthood fund cuts draw Boston Protest
Thousands Protest Planned Parenthood Funding Cuts in Boston
'We can't let this happen. America is better than that.'


MA Health Professionals Protest (State House) - Feb. 25th, 2017

Images taken by attendees Howard Rotman and Matthew Zinck


Advocates rally at State House to preserve the Affordable Care Act
ACA Replacement Could Spell Trouble for 500,000 in Mass. 


HCFA Sign-On Letter Telling Gov. Baker to Protect Medicaid - Feb. 24th, 2017

It is critical that governors hear from advocates and constituents that any deal to cut and cap federal Medicaid funding is bad for people and state governments. There is no acceptable per capita cap deal. Block grants and per capita caps mean one thing: cuts in Medicaid funding to states and cuts to the program. We are hearing that cuts to Medicaid will be used to make up for lost revenue when Congress repeals the taxes associated with the ACA. We need to put pressure on governors to not make a bad deal in secret.

Additional Suggested Actions from Community Catalyst

  1. Sign on to a letter to your governor. A tailored sign-on letter is attached. Use our Google Form to sign on behalf of your organization and send a strong message about Medicaid.
  2. Advocates should reach out to governors and their staff. Advocates should equip their governors with the information they need to understand the harms of per capita cap proposals and their impact on the state budget.
    KEY MESSAGE: Governors should not agree to any Medicaid deals without seeing the details of any plan to restructure the Medicaid program in order to assess the impact of such proposals.
  3. Activate grassroots networks. Governors need to hear from their constituents that Medicaid is working for them, and that they oppose efforts to change it. Constituents should call the governor directly to express opposition to proposed caps and cuts to Medicaid.
  4. Alert the media. Meetings with reporters or editorial boards may be helpful to explain that any form of capping of block granting Medicaid means cuts to the program. Sharing consumer stories about the positive impact Medicaid has on families in your state is critical. 

As part of a national effort to ask governors in to oppose Medicaid cuts in the form of block grants or per capita caps, HCFA circulated a sign-on letter to Governor Baker urging him to continue to support full funding for Medicaid. The letter was signed by 28 Massachusetts hospitals, consumer groups, labor unions, religious coalitions and other organizations.

Together we ask for Governor Baker to "oppose any federal policy changes that could threaten Medicaid coverage for thousands of poor and disabled people across the state."


Groups urge Baker to oppose possible Medicaid cuts


'We Will Persist' Boston rally (Irish Famine Memorial) - Feb. 21st, 2017


Kennedy, Markey Excite 'We Will Resist' Rally Near Downtown Crossing


Congressman Seth Moulton roundtable on risks posed by repeal of the ACA (Lynn Community Health Center) - Feb. 4, 2017

HCFA was invited to participate in a district event in Lynn hosted by Congressman Seth Moulton. A HelpLine client (and Lynn resident) shared her story as part of a roundtable discussion of people who have benefitted from the ACA. HCFA staff, alongside representatives from 1199SEIU and Massachusetts Senior Action Council, spoke to a group of local activists about the threats to the ACA, the impact on Massachusetts, and how they can get involved.


Moulton escucha a la comunidad respecto al tema Obamacare
Repeal of Affordable Care Act Lamented in Lynn


For a Time Such as This, Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO) Rally (Bethel AME Church, Boston) - Feb. 3, 2017 

Over 900 GBIO members packed a church and neighboring buildings for an action-oriented event on criminal justice reform, affordable housing and health care. Steve Rosenfeld and Suzanne Curry provided an update about the threat of repeal of the ACA, and most importantly, re-affirmed our strong partnership with GBIO. Hundreds of GBIO members signed commitment cards to participate in the friends and family campaign.


Hundreds attend interfaith gathering to work for justice, save health care law
Hundreds gather in JP to boost interfaith agenda


Boston Center for Independent Living (BostonCIL) forum on how the ACA helps people with disabilities - Feb. 1, 2017

HCFA attended and supported in an event alongside other experts in health care policy and advocacy groups to highlight the negative effect that the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) would have on people with disabilities in Massachusetts. 


Boston Women's March (Boston Common) - Jan. 21, 2017

HCFA staff and volunteers participated with us in the Boston Women’s March on January 21st. Our group brought the message about importance of preserving the ACA.


Boston rally draws up to 175,000, officials say


Sen. Elizabeth Warren's 'Our First Stand: Save Health Care' Rally (Faneuil Hall) - Jan. 15, 2017

HCFA partcipated in the ‘Our First Stand: Save Health Care’ rally at Faneuil Hall. At the event, HCFA staff and volunteers distributed information about how to get involved with HCFA, as well as ‘ACA is Good for MA’ signs, which dominated the visuals of the event. We also mobilized dozens of people from partner organizations to attend.


Thousands protest health care repeal at Faneuil Hall
The GOP’s strategy for Obamacare? Repeal and run.
Health Law Support Grows As People Fear Losing The Affordable Care Act.


ACA Press Conference with 1199SEIU (Massachusetts State House) - Jan. 12, 2017

HCFA partnered with 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East and the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO) to organize a press conference at the State House, with the theme “Care not Chaos.” Speakers included Steve Rosenfeld from HCFA, Latia Holmes (health care worker and 1199SEIU member), John McDonough (Harvard School of Public Health), Courtney (a consumer who has benefited from the ACA), Rev. Burns Stanfield (GBIO), and Dennis Heaphy (Disability Policy Consortium). Representatives from several partner organizations also attended the event.

Press Release

Affordable Care Act Repeal Would Jeopardize Coverage For 500,000 Massachusetts Residents


Advocates sound alarm over ACA repeal, praise Baker's defense of universal health care
Baker defends parts of Obamacare as repeal efforts escalate
Baker Defends Parts of Obamacare in Letter To U.S. House Majority Leader
Gov. Baker defends part of Obamacare
Gov. Baker to Congress: Leave in place some of the Affordable Care Act
Massachusetts residents cry out against loss of Affordable Care Act
Obamacare repeal could leave 500,000 Mass. residents uninsured, protesters say
Obamacare supporters rally, saying 500,000 in Mass. could lose insurance if repealed
Repeal of ACA Worries Boston Man Living in Pain
Sen. Warren: Dismantling health law 'irresponsible and cruel