The Goal: Better Care at Lower Cost

February 2016 Newsletter...

In early January, two activists from the HCFA Leadership Team, Dr. Stephen Slaten of Worcester and Valerie Spain of Cambridge, testified before the state's Health Policy Commission. They called for an active role for consumers in the governance of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) through reserved consumer seats on ACO boards.

ACOs represent a new way to pay for and organize health care delivery, by bringing together doctors, hospitals, other health care providers and non-clinical staff who work to provide coordinated, high quality care to their patients. ACOs should also focus on the health and wellness of their communities, expanding beyond just medical care. HCFA views ACOs as a way to fundamentally transform care. ACOs should deliver high-quality, high -value care that treats the individual as a whole person and ensures coordination of care, improved communication, member support and empowerment, and ready access to health care providers, services, and community-based resources and supports.

The objective is not just better health care, but better health for the entire state.

Slaten and Spain also called on ACOs to include consumers on ACO advisory councils. In addition, HCFA submitted detailed comments in a letter to the Health Policy Commission on their standards for certifying ACOs in Massachusetts.

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