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Prison Is Not Treatment: Part 2

Back in August, we wrote a blog about young people with mental health needs ending up in prison for lack of community resources.http://blog.hcfama.org/?p=3386 Read more »

Prison Is Not Treatment: Part 2

Back in August, we wrote a blog about young people with mental health needs ending up in prison for lack of community resources.http://blog.hcfama.org/?p=3386 Read more »

National Health Reform is Good For Massachusetts: Kids

Massachusetts has been a national leader in expanding affordable coverage to children. Chapter 58 expanded MassHealth coverage to kids in families with income up to 3 times the poverty level, and the Children's Medical Security Plan provides basic care to all children ineligible for other coverage at any income level. Our aggressive outreach programs have reduced the uninsurance rate for kids to below 2%, the best in the country, though there is still more work to be done. Despite all that we have accomplished, national health reform would be good for children in Massachusetts, assuring... Read more »

Early Intervention "Stroller-In" – It’s All About Hope

Over 200 parents and young children “strollered in” to the State House today to lobby against the cuts that Governor Patrick has asked for regarding Early Intervention Programs. Early Intervention needs an estimated $2 million by April 1st to maintain the services that are currently provided. Otherwise, the percentage delay that a child must exhibit to get services will rise significantly. For children with speech delays, the news is even worse. They will have to exhibit a 50% delay versus the current 30% they currently need to exhibit to get services. This means that for a two year old... Read more »

Suicide, Kids, and Mental Health

For the past two years, the Children’s Mental Health Campaign has held 19 forums on mental health needs of kids across the Commonwealth.  While each forum has been different, one statistic universally resonates with all audiences and brings home the importance of the issue: Suicide is the third leading cause of death among children between the ages of 10 – 24; of those who commit suicide, 90% (90%!) have a diagnosable and treatable mental illness at the time of their death. Read more »

Health Care Financing Committee to hold December 3 Public Hearing

Thursday, the legislature’s Joint Committee on Health Care Financing will hear two key bills affecting young people: S.39 / H.188 – An Act to Assure Continuity of Health Coverage For Children, and S. 609 - An Act Relative to the Qualifying Student Health Insurance Program. The hearing will be at 11:30 am in State House Room A-1, on Thursday, December 3 . Read more »

Children Are Not Little Adults

On Friday, Dr. James Mandell, CEO of Children’s Hospital Boston, presented “Children are not Little Adults: A Pediatric View on Payment and Insurance Reform” at the Health Law and Policy Forum Brown Bag Lunch Series. Read more »

Public Health Committee Hears Bills

Last week, the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Public Health held a hearing on health insurance and financing related bills. The hearing was chaired by Senator Fargo and Representative Sanchez and began with an executive session to favorably report out S. 810. This bill establishes a permanent Office of Health Equity in the Executive Office of Health and Human Services, and is priority of the Disparities Action Network. Two HCFA priority bills were heard: Read more »

Want To Lower the Number of Uninsured? Look at the 19-21 Age Group

Think back to when you were 19. Were you a freshman in college? Living in your first apartment? Working your first full-time job? Living at home with your parents? There are certain age milestones in all of our lives. For many, their late teen / early 20s are ones of transition. With all the changes going on in their lives, making informed, well-reasoned decisions about health coverage is difficult, if not impossible. When the Legislature passed Health Reform in 2006, they recognized the often tumultuous nature of these years and extended the age when children could be on their parents... Read more »

Joint Committee on Public Health to Hold Legislative Hearing Tomorrow

The Joint Committee on Public Health will hold a hearing tomorrow in State House Room B-1 at 10am. The topic for tomorrow’s session is Health Insurance and Financing; testimony on approximately 20 bills will be accepted. Two priority HCFA bills, An Act Strengthening Health Reform (S.873/H.4258) and An Act Ensuring Access to Basic Health Care for Children and Young Adults (S.54) will be heard. The ACT!! Coalition has a great panel lined up; Neil Cronin from Mass Law Reform Institute, Mike Sroczynski from the Massachusetts Hospital Association, Allyson Perron from the American Heart/American... Read more »


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