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Public Health Committee Hears Bills

Last week, the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Public Health held a hearing on health insurance and financing related bills. The hearing was chaired by Senator Fargo and Representative Sanchez and began with an executive session to favorably report out S. 810. This bill establishes a permanent Office of Health Equity in the Executive Office of Health and Human Services, and is priority of the Disparities Action Network. Two HCFA priority bills were heard: Read more »

Want To Lower the Number of Uninsured? Look at the 19-21 Age Group

Think back to when you were 19. Were you a freshman in college? Living in your first apartment? Working your first full-time job? Living at home with your parents? There are certain age milestones in all of our lives. For many, their late teen / early 20s are ones of transition. With all the changes going on in their lives, making informed, well-reasoned decisions about health coverage is difficult, if not impossible. When the Legislature passed Health Reform in 2006, they recognized the often tumultuous nature of these years and extended the age when children could be on their parents... Read more »

Joint Committee on Public Health to Hold Legislative Hearing Tomorrow

The Joint Committee on Public Health will hold a hearing tomorrow in State House Room B-1 at 10am. The topic for tomorrow’s session is Health Insurance and Financing; testimony on approximately 20 bills will be accepted. Two priority HCFA bills, An Act Strengthening Health Reform (S.873/H.4258) and An Act Ensuring Access to Basic Health Care for Children and Young Adults (S.54) will be heard. The ACT!! Coalition has a great panel lined up; Neil Cronin from Mass Law Reform Institute, Mike Sroczynski from the Massachusetts Hospital Association, Allyson Perron from the American Heart/American... Read more »

MassHealth dental expansion for Family Assistance

Thursday is an important day for oral health in the Commonwealth. On October 1, 2009 MassHealth dental benefits will be extended to cover children under the age of 19 who receive Family Assistance premium assistance, in order to comply with CHIPRA regulations. A copy of the announcement can be downloaded here (.pdf). Regular readers know that oral health is an important part of overall health. Left untreated, dental disease can interfere with a child’s ability to eat, sleep, speak and learn. As we age, the implications of this disease become more severe. Decades of research have confirmed the... Read more »

National Health Reform – What About the Kids?

With all the noise surrounding the national health reform debate over the last several months, one group that was at risk of being lost in the shuffle was children. At one point, advocates were concerned that kids would be forgotten and that they would be lumped in with adults when it came time to design coverage plans. Thanks in large part to our friends at Community Catalyst and the New England Alliance For Children’s Health, it looks like this won’t happen. Children are not little adults – they have unique health care needs that need to be accounted for. One thing that the Children’s... Read more »

Committee Hears Childrens, Oral Health Bills

The Health Care Financing Committee held its last scheduled hearing on primary jurisdiction bills today. Included were key HCFA priority bills on children's health and oral health (see our photos here). Kids: The success of Massachusetts in extending health coverage to virtually all children is laudable, but an insurance card alone is not enough to guarantee care. Nearly 16,000 children in the Commonwealth access care through the Children’s Medical Security Plan (CMSP), but the scope of services offered under this program are frequently insufficient to fully address their health needs. CMSP... Read more »

Joint Committee on Health Care Financing hearing - Insurance Partnership program, medical malpractice and the health care workforce

The Joint Committee on Health Care Financing held a public hearing on Wednesday May 27th. Several bills were heard relating to insurance, the Insurance Partnership program, medical malpractice and the health care workforce. Read more »

Children’s Mental Health Legislation Heard

When the omnibus Act Relative To Children’s Mental Health (Chapter 321 of the Acts of 2008) was signed into law last year, there was one provision that was not included: reimbursement for collateral contacts by commercial insurance. Read more »

House Budget - Amendments Strengthen Health Programs

The House started the week with a budget with appropriations at $27.44 billion, with $19.53 billion from taxes. On Monday, the House voted to increase the sales tax from 5% to 6.25%, bringing in an additional $900 million. They voted to allocate $205 million of those additional funds towards local aid. The left over amount has been used throughout the week for consolidated line item amendments. HCFA’s coalitions continued to advocate for vital state funded programs. The week had both good and bad news. On Tuesday, the House recognized the importance of children’s mental health by... Read more »

Children’s Health Care Summit

The New England Alliance for Children’s Health (NEACH) will be hosting their 3rd annual Children’s Health Care Summit on Friday, April 24th from 9:30-4:30PM. The FREE event will take place at the Doubletree Hotel in Lowell, Massachusetts. For an updated list of the day's events and speakers, please see the Children's Health Summit Agenda (.pdf). The last day to register is Tuesday, April 21st. Click here to register for the Summit. Read more »


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