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Who Remembers SCHIP?

A little over a year ago, children’s health insurance made a splash in the national media. President Bush’s decision to veto legislation reauthorizing the wildly successful State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) caused an uproar in the health care community and was puzzling to much of the general public. Read more »

Health, Housing and Hunger: The Building Blocks of Childhood Success

In January, the Legislature will start a new session and will welcome 21 new members of the House and Senate. This moment offers a unique opportunity for many advocates to educate the new members, as well as some of the returning members. Working with the legislative Joint Committee on Children, Families, and Persons With Disabilities, the Children’s Health Access Coalition (CHAC) is organizing a January 26th State House education event on a range of issues related to children called “Health, Housing, and Hunger: The Building Blocks of Childhood Success.” Taking a holistic approach to... Read more »

Advocates Protest Mental Health Cuts

The economic downturn nationally (and internationally too, for that matter) has resulted in difficult budgetary decisions here in Massachusetts. When Governor Patrick announced his 9C cuts in October, mental health advocates were alarmed by the scope of cuts to programs for the Department of Mental Health (DMH). In particular, there were dramatic reductions in spending for day programs for individuals with mental health needs. It was not only the significance of the programs cut (although they are important in helping thousands be full members of the community), but that the cuts taken by... Read more »

Shouldn’t There Be A Better Way To Get Kids Covered?

Families USA, a national health care advocacy group, has released a good news-bad news report. (Read article on boston.com) The good news is that the number of uninsured children has declined by about 6 percent last year. Nationally, about one in nine children had no health insurance in 2007, according to the US Census Bureau. Massachusetts boasts the lowest rate of uninsured children in the nation; about 4.6% of kids in this state lacked health insurance between 2005 and 2007. The bad news is that these kids are getting coverage because more children are poor and eligible for government... Read more »

Parent’s Insurance Doesn’t Guarantee Child Coverage

We have heard over and over about the 9 million American children who are uninsured. However, a new report reveals sheds important light on who are these uninsured kids. Click here for a Washington Post article on the study. According to a study by Dr. Jennifer DeVoe, more than 3.3 million uninsured young people live in households with parents who have health coverage. Despite having their own health insurance, millions of parents across the country are unable to afford “stable, continuous health-care coverage” for their children. Read more »

HCFA's Fifth Policy & Organizing Conference This Friday!

HCFA's 5th Annual Policy and Organizing Conference will be held this Friday! The day will be packed with informative and interesting events, including a keynote address from A&F Secretary (and Connector Board Chair) Leslie Kirwan on cost control, a Community Organizer panel who will address the intersections of policy and organizing, and a ton of workshops on today’s most important healthcare issues. Check out the day’s agenda and a list of conference workshops. Online registration is closed, but you can still register on-site. Read more »


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