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Consumer Network for Healthcare e-Quality Lunch: E-Health in Chapter 305, the Consumer Perspective

Deb Fournier, Associate Director of Policy for AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts, gave a bird's eye view of the e-health sections of Chapter 305, the new "Cost Containment" law yesterday as part of HCFA's Consumer Network for Healthcare e-Quality's Luncheon Series. (Her presentation will be available on HCFA's E-Health E-Vent webpage early next week.) This far-reaching law will go a long way in pushing Health Information Technology forward in Massachusetts: it sets the ambitious goal of full implementation of electronic health records and a statewide interoperable health records network... Read more »

Two Part-e-Health Proposals

The complexity of the topic of e-health, with its potential to afford more efficient, effective, economical, and engaged health care, counterbalanced by the paucity of proof (that it works) in the form of data, due to its newness and low uptake so far, make it a tough issue for the candidates to grapple with. Although neither Senator McCain nor Senator Obama have outlined a detailed plan of e-health record implementation and exchange, each has addressed, at least generally, health information technology (HIT). Read more »

Center for ConnectedHealth Symposium 2008

Who Provides, Who Decides, Who Pays: Consumers, Clinicians and Business Models in the Connected Care Era (Or: the Privac-e-Lephant in the Room) For two VERY full days, Harvard Medical School was the site of the Center for ConnectedHealth Symposium, which was an excellent, robust, extremely well-attended conference, covering an incredible range of Health Information Technology issues, projects, and inventions. Starting with an opening speech by Senator John Kerry, all of the speakers could be considered among the Who's Who in healthcare and HIT. Read more »

Personalized Medicine: Hi-Tech, Hi-Touch, Maximum Engagement

(Or, How to Make Your Genes Fit Better, and Other [R]E-volutionary Matters) Covering a wide range of topics, HealthMart08, convened by the Massachusetts Health Data Consortium, was an exciting and informative conference, looking from different angles at the transformative potential of new technologies, while trying to address the tremendous shortages in capital and clinicians that plague us here and throughout the country. Presentations and panels on personal genomics (that panel moderated by HCFA's Lisa Fenichel), concierge medicine, personally-controlled health records, and telemedicine,... Read more »

E-Health in the Commonwealth!

In the wee hours of August 1, 2008, Senate, No. 2863 -- the Cost Containment Bill -- introduced by Senate President Therese Murray as Senate, No. 2660, several months ago, reappearing in between as House, No. 4974 -- passed both the House and the Senate. Read more »

E-Health: The Globe Turns It Over

Today's Boston Globe editorial, "Better data for better health," touts the work of the Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative (MAeHC), a three-community pilot project that has been working over the past four years to convert clinician offices from paper to computerized health records, and then connect them to one another, and to the hospitals, community-wide. (This work is primarily supported by $50 million from Blue Cross Blue Shield, which will have run out by the end of 2008.) On this transformation from paper to digital records, which is in its final stages, rests the hopes of everyone... Read more »

An Excellent E-Health E-Vent

The Third Annual E-Health Consumer Summit was a room-bursting success. Titled, “Are We There Yet? The Mass eHealth Collaborative Experience: Lessons Learned, Opportunities and Challenges for the Future,” the agenda balanced presentations – one weighing the policies and procedures of the MAeHC three-community pilots against national consumer principles, and the other offering an overview of the projects and how they fit into the larger context – and audience-panel questions and answers. Read more »

In the Internet We Trust?

Some exciting news for consumers in the e-health world today: at a press conference this afternoon, Connecting for Health/Markle Foundation released its long-awaited Common Framework for Networked Personal Health Information. Endorsed by many organizations, including AARP, Consumers Union, The National Partnership for Women and Families, The Center for Democracy and Technology, Dossia, Google, and Health Care For All (our own E-Health Consumer Advocate, Lisa Fenichel, participated in this 18-month project and is quoted in the press release), this framework tackles the difficult policy and... Read more »

It Was Thirty Years Ago Today . . .

Massachusetts Health Data Consortium's 30th Annual Conference, held today (June 6), was packed full of thoughtful and thought-provoking presentations, focusing on the overarching theme, "Looking Ahead to the Next 30 Years in Healthcare." Under that umbrella, many topics were explored. Chris Gabrieli, Charles Baker, Len Fishman, and James Mongan talked about, "Looking Beyond the Horizon: The CEOs' View," Harris Berman spoke about, "The Future of Quality of Care," and Robert Kolodner explored, "The Government's Vision for the Future of IT." The last portion of the conference was devoted to... Read more »

E-Health Summit

Friday, June 27, 2008 9:45 - 1:00am 30 Winter Street 9th Floor Conference Room Are We There Yet? The Mass e-Health Collaborative Experience: Opportunities and Challenges, Lessons Learned and Being Learned. Lunch included Read more »


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