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2.0 Meetings On Health 2.0

First: What is Health 2.0? According to "The Wisdom of Patients: Health Care Meets Online Social Media," issued by the California HealthCare Foundation, it is "the use of social software and its ability to promote collaboration between patients, their caregivers, medical professionals, and other stakeholders in health." At Wednesday's E-Health Consumer Luncheon, convened by HCFA's E-Health Consumer Advocate Lisa Fenichel, this definition came to life in the presentation, "Patient Empowerment: Methods, Models, and Motivations," by Sherri Dorfman, CEO, Stepping Stone Partners. Read more »

HCFA's Fifth Policy & Organizing Conference This Friday!

HCFA's 5th Annual Policy and Organizing Conference will be held this Friday! The day will be packed with informative and interesting events, including a keynote address from A&F Secretary (and Connector Board Chair) Leslie Kirwan on cost control, a Community Organizer panel who will address the intersections of policy and organizing, and a ton of workshops on today’s most important healthcare issues. Check out the day’s agenda and a list of conference workshops. Online registration is closed, but you can still register on-site. Read more »

Sen. Pres. Proposes Statewide eHealth System and Ban on Drug Industry Gifts

From State House News -- we'll have more comments once we've reviewed the proposal. Statewide electronic health records and banning gifts from pharmaceutical companies -- not a bad start at all! Read more »

CPOE: No More Excuses

This morning, the MA Technology Collaborative and New England Healthcare Institute held an event to release a study on implementation in MA of Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) systems. These systems replace the 19th century method of writing prescription orders, automating the order writing function and incorporating clinical decision support to avoid medication errors. They have been in place in many teaching hospitals for over a decade. The study examined how they could be implemented in a representative group of six MA community hospitals. Read more »

E-Health Lunch Provides Food for Thought

David Ahern, PhD, National Program Director of the Health e-Technologies Initiative funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, spoke at the October 26 E-Health Consumer Network Lunch at Health Care For All. His presentation, "Consumer Perspectives on Personal Health Records [PHRs] and Their Potential for Enhancing Patient-Provider Communication," focused on the research he and some colleagues have been conducting, which solicits and focuses on consumer input for the design of the personal health record. Read more »


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