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Our new look.

It isn’t often that an organization as busy as Health Care For All has the opportunity to take a deep breath, look at the challenges ahead, appreciate our staff and volunteers and strategize about the most effective way to interact, invite, engage and move toward our mission in cyberspace.  Fortunately, we have carved out the time and today you are invited to see the results. hcfama.org has been redesigned to be a more inviting and accessible tool for all.  It isn’t perfect yet, but our expectations are high that this update of our website will allow us to accelerate our successes. Read more »

Changes coming to A Healthy Blog and Our Website (hcfama.org)

Friends, changes are coming to this very blog and hcfama.org. We are completely revamping our website. We’ll have a whole new look and feel and we’ll be making it a lot easier to get involved with our community organizing team, share your personal health care story, and connect with our HelpLine counselors directly. That also means that A Healthy Blog will be undergoing some changes to better integrate A Healthy Blog with the whole site. And that means that there will be some changes for subscribers to our blog as well, and we’ll be posting information about that in due time. We’re not... Read more »

Give the gift of health this holiday season!

As we approach the last days of 2013, please consider making a donation to Health Care For All. Below are the ways that you can support our efforts to ensure that everybody has high quality, affordable healt Read more »

Out Today: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About ACA Implementation in MA

It's re-re-reforming reform. A part II sequel, like Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise. (We're not going to say Attack of the Clones). What it is an updated, comprehensive, readable, understandable guide to all the changes happening to health coverage in Massachusetts due to the ACA. Today the Blue Cross Foundation released Re-forming Reform Part 2, by Elisabeth Rodman of the Foundation staff. Read more »

Congratulations to Rebekah Gewirtz, New MPHA Executive Director

HCFA congratulates Rebekah Gewirtz, who was named yesterday as the head of the Mass Public Health Association. Rebekah has been a long-time friend and ally of HCFA through her work with the state Association of Social Workers. She's been an active leader in the ACT!! Coalition, and she and HCFA have collaborated on many projects over many years. She'll bring a strong strategic vision and commitment to effective action on public health. We look forward to a continued close partnership with MPHA on our many shared priorities. Here's the MPHA announcement, from their board chair Steven Bradley: Read more »

Going Door-To-Door for the Affordable Care Act: Notes from the Field

“I’m from Health Care For All and I’m not selling anything.” We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve used this line to start a conversation about the Affordable Care Act. We often find ourselves exclaiming to people outside of work: ”Did you know that more people will get help paying for health insurance or that more people now qualify for Mass Health because of the ACA?” Since October, HCFA has been working with the Massachusetts Health Connector and various community based organizations around Massachusetts to spread the word about the ACA. Our outreach and organizing team has trained... Read more »

A National Day of Giving

  Today is Giving Tuesday, an opportunity to step back from the barrage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday and reconsider how we can help those in need. We at HCFA, with the generosity of our supporters, are able to help individuals and families from across Massachusetts connect to the health coverage they need. Our donors make a difference. On this Giving Tuesday, please consider making a donation to Health Care For All in one of the many ways listed below. Thank you so much in advance! Your gift will have an immediate impact on our work. Sincerely, The Staff of Health Care For All To make a... Read more »

Enroll America Reports on Massachusetts Health Reform Education Campaign

Enroll America is the national non-profit working to to maximize the number of uninsured Americans who enroll in health coverage made available by the Affordable Care Act. They are focusing on states with the highest numbers of uninsured, as you would expect. But a number of their senior staff members were in Boston last week to learn about our success in Boston and share ideas and strategies. We also discussed what we are doing now to pick up the remaining uninsured and help those transitioning to ACA coverage. Read more »

Cost Trends Hearing 2013 Looks At State's Health Ecosystem

Last week the Health Policy Commission (HPC) held the annual health care cost trends hearing. Chapter 224 transferred the responsibility to conduct the hearing to the HPC, in coordination with the Office of the Attorney General and Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA). The two-day hearing focused on a public examination into the drivers of health care costs, including testimony from experts and witnesses and some tough questions from HPC Commissioners and state officials. Highlights included lots of discussion about the role inadequate behavioral health care plays in health care... Read more »


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